TRADE: SC500 - 400ml Tattooist Balm

SheaCare500 is for Tattooist to use as a balm, with Natural, Un-refined Organic ingredients with A & E, SheaCare500 is breathable and is absorbed into the second dermis layer of our skin, then forming a barrier to prevent the product going further and keeping moisture in, which means your healing your customers as you tattoo.

You may instantly notice a difference, a little goes a long way, depending upon the heat of the studio, the customer, we recommend you place some SheaCare500 on the back of your hand or actually on the client, as its adjusts to the body temp, this is a trial and error and see what suits yourself, no wrong or right way. The feedback I’ve had is that some tattooist’s are reporting no redness at all, reduction in swelling, reduction in irritation and this is before they begin to use our aftercare.

WARNING : As it is an organic product and more than one ingredient, sometimes it will dry with a slight grain, but if you can feel it disperse and melt under your fingers this is perfectly normal, however, if it feels like it forming together like chewing gum and its rather soft and not just cause it's too cold, then this can be because it has been over heated by even ½ centigrade as it changes the compound. If this happens please contact me ASAP on 07850528367 with the Batch No, so I can recall products and will replace them immediately. I hope this doesn’t happen but human error does happen.

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