The SheaCare Chemo Kit

After watching my mum go through chemo, and seeing her suffer as her lips were so dry and her nails coming off leaving raw skin to name but a few, I decided to create her a care package, and took it along and pampered her during her chemo.  

My “Chemo Cancer Care Package” is the perfect gift, especially as you cannot take flowers on any hospital wards anymore. This care package is much more personable, and includes some of my favourite items.

For anyone going through the chemotherapy process, these products have been packaged together to provide comfort to a family member or loved-one enduring the harshness of chemotherapy treatments when they are unable to use normal creams and lotions due to parabens and chemicals.

This will put a smile on even the hardest of days for a loved one , especially if you do the pampering as well xx

Im looking to start a crowd finding page so I can put the Kit in production officially,  Are you able to volunteer an hour of your time to help us set this up ??

Or would you like to be informed when stock is in or if you would like put someone forward to receive one of our Chemo Kits, please leave your details below.

Thanks Felix   xx  &  stay safe