Trade Tattooist Sample Products Box


I've come to realise that all tattooists need to evaluate new products in their own good time. So I've created a box.

The box  is retailed at over £110 but providing so much allows you to use it on a good few people c

Each Box Contains the Following

For Yourself

1 x tin of SheaCare500 Tattooist Balm

For your customers being tattooed

1 x tin of 100mm SheaCare100 Tattoo & Laser Aftercare

3 x tins of 30mm SheaCare100 Tattoo & Laser Aftercare

6 x tins of 10mm SheaCare100 Tattoo & Laser Aftercare

Plenty of literature and flyers to hand to customers I've included a variety of sizes for you to hand out freely to your customer once you have tattooed with them using the SheaCare500, then you can await the feedback :)

 Shipping Discount Code : SheaCare4u_Trade

If you would like this pack please purchase the FREE item and ill send you a form to complete, its only basic information and will take you 5 mins to complete, once this is done and sent back to me ill get one out in the post to you.

If in the meantime you would like to speak to an artist who already uses our products please just let me know and I'll send you some details over

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