ADD ON to Trade Tattooist Products Box


I've come to realise when a tattooist requests a box because they have heard great things that they may wish to pass a few on to other artists in there studio so they can also evaluate new products in their own good time. So I've created a mini trade pack for you to add onto your order.

The mini samples  are retailed at £44.93  but providing so much allows you to use it on a good few people 

Each Box Contains the Following

For Yourself

1 x 30mm tin of SheaCare500 Tattooist Balm

For your customers being tattooed

3 x tins of 10mm SheaCare100 Tattoo & Laser Aftercare

3 x tins of 10mm SheaCare500 Tattoo & Laser Aftercare

Plenty of literature and flyers to hand to customers I've included a variety of sizes for you to hand out freely or charge to your customer once you have tattooed with them using the SheaCare500, along with a discount code off their first online order,  then you can await the feedback :)


If in the meantime you would like to speak to an artist who already uses our products please just let me know and I'll send you some details over

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