Crisis Self-Care KIT

Items which may be in the Crisis Self-Care KIT

All the items listed below can be amended at request if you need something which is not listed please email us crisis@sheacare.co.uk

The list below is for when you begin to have symptoms, and need to self-isolate and for the family to also be protected. This isn't a cure but will help reduce some of the symptoms and help you to breathe easier. Should you find your condition deteriorates you must cal 111 for medical advice.

2  x  Bio Hazard Bags
1   x Thermometer
6  x  Packets of one use tissues
4  x  SheaCare805 - 50ml Hand Sanitizer Spray
4  x  SheaCare806 - 50ml Hand Sanitizer Gel
3  x  SheaCare100 (in size 10ml, 30ml,100ml)
3  x  SheaCare500 (in size 10ml, 30ml,100ml)
4  x  Emesis Sick Bags (No spill bags)   
4  x  Masks (when available)
1   x  Packet of Diarrhoea Tablets
1   x  Pack of Brufen Tablets
1   x  Pack of Multi-Vitamins and Minerals
1   x  Cough Medicine
1   x  Steam inhalation Airways Cup Steamer
1   x  Kitchen Roll
2  x  Toilet Roll

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