The facts on why tattooists are loving our SheaCare500

*  What are the benefits of me using SheaCare500 on my customers?

SheaCare500 is a super tattoo care ointment that is rich in Vitamins with only one additional compound to help the skin around the tattoo and the rest of the body. Here are extended benefits over and above the A&D ointment, the Vaseline and other products with a list of ingredients.


Organic Un-refined Shea butter contains cinnamic acid and other properties that work against the inflammation of the skin that is often caused by the ink allergy and the healing process after you have had your tattoo. The butter is more effective than Vaseline, A&D ointment and products swamped with ingredients which may smell nice but cant heal the same with numerous ingredients.


SheaCare500 has a soothing effect on the tattoo

SheaCare500 helps in the rapid production of the skin’s natural collagen. It contains the palmitic, stearic and linolenic acid that helps keep the skin nourished and soft. Drying and cracking of the skin under the tattoo damaging the tattoo permanently. Unlike the Vaseline that has to be applied every time to keep the skin soft, SheaCare500 actually helps keep the skin soft after a few applications.


SheaCare500 enhances the intricate details of your tattoo so that they look brighter and retain the colours in which they were created. Normally, over time, the tattoo becomes dull as the skin around it heals and reacts to the ink.


Most of the people report that the skin around the tattoo feels dry and may even crack. Rather cover the surface area like most of the other tattooist balms, This enhances the healing process without damaging the tattoo.


There are no chemicals, additives or preservatives in SheaCare500. Thus, it is great for all the skin types. The vitamins and other compounds found in the lotion are readily absorbed by the skin. Most of the other tattoo balms contain synthetic components that have a long-term negative effect on the skin. The body does not easily break down the synthetic components to use the added vitamins and other nutrients. Therefore, despite the availability of the beneficial nutrients, they actually do not help the skin.


SheaCare500 is also effective for other skin problems such as insect bites and small wounds even if not of the tattoo area. Its natural healing capabilities come in handy to make the skin look and feel good within no time after the inflammation.