How a Cough Turned Into My Life’s Biggest Scare

I know you have all been wondering where I disappeared to right? Well, I have been to hell and back! It all began in November 2017 when I took a fairly bad cough. I thought it was just one of those minor ailments that come and go. Unfortunately, I was in for a rude shock! The cough persisted throughout December. One of my main New Year’s wish was health. Unfortunately, it hasn’t started well for me health-wise but I’m positive things will soon take a great turn for me.

Here’s what I’ve been struggling with…


Throughout January, the cough was consistently getting worse. By end of January, I had lost my voice and was forced to use a wipe board to communicate with others- super frustrating! February came but I was still coughing. My doctor made a decision to put me on a strong course of steroids for a week at most.

That was the longest week ever and I couldn’t wait to be done with the steroids. Fate had other plans for me though. What began as a temporary treatment has now turned into a long-term use of steroids. Sometimes I wish I had a choice in it.

The nightmare I was living in escalated between January and March when I was rushed to the Accident & Emergency section 5 times. I had never been through anything like that in my entire life. On those 5 occasions, I was finding it difficult to breathe. I would gasp for air only to end up getting very little of it. Funny enough the X-ray images taken on those 5 occasions showed that all was well. I was, therefore, sent home without any treatment prescribed.

My doctor was however not happy that the problem hadn’t been smoked out yet. According to my consultant, a CT scan would give a better diagnosis. That too failed! He then recommended an MRI which also failed. An endoscopy had to be done. It revealed there is a tumour on my left vocal chord hopefully it's benign, but removing it will mean I’d have to learn to speak certain words again after surgery. My surgeon also informed me that I could also end up with a tracheotomy but hey what will be will be. Lastly, an MRI scan with dye was done and I’m booked in for surgery.

SheaCare100 & SheaCare500

If I’ve interacted with you before, you already know I’m your ride or die kind of optimist. I know I can and will survive anything! Talking of surviving, you should see my face! True definition of a survivor. It’s so swollen that I’m terrified looking in the mirror. I look like an “Umpa Lumpa” or a “Mitchellin Tyre” advert haha. (You have to laugh it off you just have too! That’s how you keep it going positively.)

Thanks to the steroids drugs I’m taking, my skin has become so dry, and my face super taut. To get over this rigidity I am using SheaCare100 & SheaCare500 Soufflé. They are both vegan products naturally enriched with Vitamin A & E, providing instant moisture to cellular level and giving me some relief. NOT just for tattoos !!!    A full Chemo Range is coming soon. Can’t wait!

In conclusion,

I now have 2 weeks to wait for my results then they will work on my vocal chords. Hopefully, you’ll be able to hear my angelic voice really soon. Did I mention the issue with my throat was always there but the tests in the hospital couldn’t just smoke it out? Well, that’s why I want to share my journey with the world and help anyone out there who’s scared crazy about being in the same predicament. Worry not, you are not alone and we’ll certainly overcome!

I have it all planned out! If I have my left vocal chords removed, I won’t be as loud- a blessing to many lol…. And I’ll certainly learn to speak again for sure. On the other hand, if I have a tracheotomy then it will be 6-12 months temporary. I’m already designing a stunning piece of jewellery with a diamond in the centre to cover the scar… it’s a win- win for me. If its cancer, then I’ll just deal with it and plan for my stronger comeback. I’ll let you all in on the details as they unravel… Cheers for now.

PS: Keep singing in the shower if that’s your thing. Enjoy your voice and use words to compliment, encourage or crack a joke. You truly don’t know what you’ve got till you’re on the verge of losing it

Felix xxx

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